S.T.A.M. Tecnologie

S.T.A.M. Tecnologie has more than 30 years of experience in projecting and manufacturing machinery and tooling for metal and plastic components. The company operate over a 400mq area, dedicated to the manufacturing processes and a 200mq area for ofices, dedicated to CAD-CAD engineering and general administration. Our production lines are equipped with the following machines:

3 Rambaudi MP3 milling machines with 1100x350x300 mm working range

2 Fanuc working centers with 1000x500x500 mm working range

1 wire electrode with working range 500x350x300 mm

1 parallel lathe with working range D250x1000 mm

1 tangential grid with working range 800x350x300 mm

Complementary machines

The manufacturing quality and the flexibility in the production processes are extremely important for our company.

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